9 External and internal navigation

Pieter van der Veen


External links

Select text and click on link tool, default link does not open in new tab.

Adjust link image


You may wish to include the links plus linktext for each chapter in the backmatter of the book for the print version.

Internal link

Copy the web link of the chapter paste it and important remove the web address part.
The link must stay internal for pdf and epub.


Or edit link and search within the editmenu for the chapter (title) and remove webadress


The easiest way to find the location identifier of the section-title is to look at the URL of a page in the web version of your book, and copy everything that comes after .com or .pub (including the forward slash).

Links within a chapter are made  with  Anchors image

Go to the section to be linked to and place an anchor

Anchor is case sensetive, no spaces, create unique id


Go to the link startpoint and place the link via de link button

Always start with the number character #





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